We would like to start by saying welcome and thank you so much for visiting the new Gillian Arnold website. The Gillian Arnold brand is a little over 3 years old at this point so whilst you’re here let us tell you a little bit about our site and what it is we do.

Though it is likely obvious and unnecessary for us to point out, our site is named after the artist whose tireless work is responsible for filling its pages, Gillian Arnold. Gillian is an artist and surface pattern designer who is obsessed with and captivated by the British landscape, and the vast variety of beauty and colour that covers it.

Based in the North East of England, Gillian creates her art using pressed cuttings of wildflowers indigenous to Britain. With the unwavering support and assistance of her husband, Tim; the couple have been able to develop and establish an impressive selection of bewitching products, including enticing jewellery, alluring prints, beguiling ceramics, and much more.

Gillian and Tim have worked incredibly hard to produce a range of products that do not only appeal to Gillian’s artistic temperament, but also public sentiments; there by ensuring that there is something for everyone amongst our site’s range of innovative, nature-inspired pieces.

With their business still growing, Gillian and Tim will be regularly updating the Gillian Arnold site with new product ranges that are guaranteed to be as visually tantalising as the great British landscapes that inspire them. You can keep up with news from Gillian Arnold – including new products, limited offers and more – by keeping an eye on our blog page, liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter and Google +.

Once again, welcome to Gillian Arnold and thank you for visiting. If you’d like to learn more about Gillian Arnold and her work, please feel free to visit the About Us page or Contact Us.