One of Britain’s favourite wild flowers, Alliums are so simplistically beautiful that many artists aspire to use them in their designs. Traditionally dried, sprayed and hung as decorations during Christmas time, the flowers are as beautiful displayed in the home as they are growing in Britain’s meadows and borders.

Commonly known as the ornamental onion, Alliums are available in many different colours and sizes from dusty blues, to purples and even yellows. The herbaceous perennials feature big bold sprays of tiny flowers with elongated tips and tend to bloom around spring to mid-summer growing up to six foot in height in their preferred sheltered areas. Many of the perennials have even been reported to have a mild onion-like smell, which may be one of the reasons that many grazing animals such as deer tend to avoid them in fear of getting an upset stomach.

Offering a vast amount of texture when dried the Allium flower lends itself to a variety of different and majestic designs. The matting of the flower breathes life and movement especially when teamed with contrasting colours, and in paintings, the flowers obtain a certain quality that adds depth to any print. The natural sculpture of the plant is seen as iconic in many different areas of the UK and Ireland making them an increasingly popular flower to be used within jewellery and also home ware.

The Gillian Arnold Collection features many different products that have been inspired by the unique textures of this flower, allowing its beauty to be ever lasting and enjoyed day after day.

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