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Get to know Darlington

Darlington is a large, popular town; brilliant for up and coming business owners. In a high street flooded with creative people, Darlington can put Gillian Arnold on the map. The town is situated central to the North East, minutes away from one of the busiest rail...

The Beginning of Gillian Arnold Darlington

In April 2018, we decided it was time to pack up from our hub in Bishop Auckland for a new venture in Darlington! We knew this was not going to be easy at all, but we were definitely ready for the big move as it would help us grow as a brand; offering more for us than...

Birth Flower Lockets | Victorian Gifts

Sentimental, Botanical and Victorian Inspired - The Perfect Personalised Rustic Gift Throughout the Victorian era, flowers were gifted with the intention of starting a conversation, expressing a flirtation or question which may have been prohibited to be spoken about...