Bright Floral & Botanical Patterned Individual Mugs

We use coffee and tea mugs every day of our lives, when we wake up, take a break, need a boost, entertain guests and even when we console. Mugs are not just mugs, they are every bit as part of our day as the clothes we wear, the furniture we use and the things we do.

Gillian Arnolds individual mugs say something about who you are, they say you love wild botanical design or elegant leaves, that you love purple or blue or a reserved grey with a bold white allium print. You can find the mug that suits you, or someone you love and smile every time you take a gulp of Britain’s favourite drink!

All of our individual mugs stack neatly, so you can create a fun botanical themed art display, right on your kitchen counter, so stop hiding your mugs and get them out on display.

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