Exotic Frog | Blue & Green Sofa Cushion Tropical Interior



On this sofa cushion, sitting comfortable in the centre of his leaf is the amazingly well detailed tree frog. The vibrant colours along his side and legs beautifully contrast with the green of his skin and the leaf. With his mischievous grin, you could believe he’s about to leap off the cushion and into your home. The leaf on which he sits was picked from the UK countryside, but then re-imagined as a tropical resting spot.

Along with the rest of the exotic animal collection, this design was inspired when Gillian took her children to the zoo. Each member of her family chose their favourite animal which Gillian then used to make a gorgeous pattern. Gillian’s youngest daughter chose the tree frog as she felt it was little and cute, just like her!

The sofa cushion is 45cm square and the floor cushion is 75cm square. They are handmade in Gillian’s workshop in the North-East of England using a soft chenille fabric and are sealed with a zip.

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Cushion, Floor Cushion(74cm)


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