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Create Your Own Lampshade: Exclusive Workshops with Gillian Arnold in Bishop Auckland


Illuminate Your World, Unleash Your Creativity: Join us in a luminous journey where fabric, colour, and your imagination converge into a beautiful creation – your very own lampshade! Crafted meticulously for everyone, our exclusive lampshade-making workshops, nestled in the heart of Bishop Auckland, allow you to shape a personal, radiant masterpiece under the gentle guidance of renowned botanical artist, Gillian Arnold. Your path to becoming a skilled lampshade artisan is merely a click away – Select your preferred session below and light up your world with your own crafted elegance.

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Dive into a World of Botanical Brilliance and Artistic Craftsmanship

1. Your Crafting Journey Awaits

At the charming locale of 1 Fore Bondgate, discover a space where your creativity is set alight, materializing into a stunning 20cm drum lampshade. Navigate through two enchanting hours of fabric selection, crafting techniques, and hands-on experience, ensuring your piece isn’t just a lampshade, but a personal narrative embedded in threads and radiance.

2. Workshop Highlights

Inclusive and Tailored: Crafted for all, from crafting novices to seasoned artisans.
Upgrade Possibilities: Escalate your creation by opting for larger shade sizes.
A Palette of Fabrics: Choose to bring your own fabric or select from Gillian’s exquisite botanical designs, available for purchase starting at £5.

3. Key Workshop Details

  • Duration: A wholesome 2-hour crafting journey.
  • Location: 1 Fore Bondgate, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7PF.
  • Pricing: £30 for a journey from selection to creation, with additional options to purchase exclusive fabrics and size upgrades on-site.
  • Accessibility: Convenient parking available at North Bondgate car park.

4. Empower Your Creative Self

Whether a seasoned designer or someone stepping into the world of crafting for the first time, our workshop, infused with inspiration from Gillian Arnold’s acclaimed designs, ensures you walk away with not just a physical creation but an experience that lingers, illuminating your spaces with the soft glow of your own creation and memories.

5. What Awaits Beyond

Your crafting journey doesn’t end here. With skills honed in our workshop, explore further into the world of lampshade making with our kits available for purchase, enabling you to carry the crafting experience into your homes and spaces.

6. Booking Your Creative Slot

With sessions crafted to provide a personal and immersive experience, spots are limited. Choose from our available slots and embark on a journey of creation, color, and luminosity with Gillian Arnold. Secure Your Place Now and step into a world where your creativity knows no bounds.

Embark, Create, and Illuminate with Gillian Arnold

Additional information

Lampshade Workshop Dates

Monday 30th October 2023 – 1730-1930, Saturday 18th November 2023 – 1030-1230, Wednesday 10th January 2024 – 1730-1930, Wednesday 13th December 2023 – 1730-1930


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