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Summer Tropics | Pink & Orange | Kitchen Apron


This vibrant apron features the finest flowers from the North-East of England, re-imagined as a lush jungle paradise. The design is full of colour ranging for bright pinks to deep blue, set on a deep yellow-orange background, reminiscent of a tropical Sun blazing down on the jungle below. The apron is made from strong & durable fabric which is suitable for cleaning, so it can be used without fear of damaging it.

This apron will transform your kitchen into a tropical paradise.

Each of our aprons are handmade in the UK and made from a durable 100% polyester canvas, with a length of 92cm & a width of 69cm. It is secured by strong fabric straps: short straps which are designed to tie at the back, whereas the longer straps will wrap around to tie at the front.

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