Ideal Gift Ideas Colourful Floral Stacking Mugs

Shop through Gillian’s stylish selection of spectacular stacking mugs. Each stacking mug set contains four unique mugs, which when stacked correctly will reveal a beautiful floral design weaving throughout the stack. As well as being space saving kitchenware, they also bring a delightful array of colours to your kitchen. Keep an eye out for our personalised stacking mugs, which make ideal gifts. You could buy a mug for each member of a family, which makes a perfect family Christmas present.

Each of your ceramic stacking mugs is 8.5cm tall and holds 300ml. Every order is made in the UK using UK suppliers and offers free UK shipping.

Why not give someone a beautiful yet functional piece of art to brighten up their kitchen and the rest of the house? Most mugs sets have a matching set of glass coasters, to provide complementary designs from the kitchen to the coffee table.

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