Pendant Drop Necklace & Neck Jewellery

Gillian Arnold’s circular pendant necklaces feature a stunning botanical design that brings a hint of nature to your outfits. Hung from a sterling silver chain it makes for a stunning necklace that when noticed is eye catching but is subtle enough to wear on a day to day basis.

The print quality and detail is superb and there are many designs to choose from so you can pick a design that suits your style or pick one for someone close to you, making for a great gift.

Explore our unique range of floral necklaces and pendants, each handcrafted in Gillian’s workshop in the North-East of England. Gillian’s tropical designs make perfect statement necklaces providing a dazzling display of colour to any outfit. If you’re looking for a more subtle, stylish pendant then you need look no further than our country style collection.

Every design has a beautiful pair of earrings as well as an eye-catching cuff bracelet.

To create your order, we attach an aluminium pendant attached to a sterling silver necklace. The resulting high quality item makes a perfect gift for her

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