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We do our best to ensure that all of our wallpapers are produced to the highest standard possible however, slight colour or pattern variations are possible from one batch to another. We will always ship rolls to you from a single batch production, this way we can ensure that the edges match correctly and colouring is consistent. We cannot guarantee that rolls ordered in the future, will be from the same batch number. As such we advise overestimating your order as we will accept returns of unopened rolls of wallpaper.  


If your wallpaper is an overall dark colour, it is strongly advised that the ends of the rolls should be coloured with a matching crayon or marker to avoid white edges showing. If you are not hanging the wallpaper yourself, please show this document to your decorator.  


Ensure that walls are clean and dry. You should use sandpaper to roughen any painted surfaces and make sure to fill any holes or cracks, allowing from that products recommended drying time. Remember to scrape away any powdery or flaky areas. 

Lining Paper

For maximum product care we advise using a lining paper with our wallpaper. Lining paper should be installed cross-lined and avoid using white lining paper for dark wallpapers. 

Wallpaper Paste / Adhesive 

Purchase a high-quality Paste-the-wall adhesive, good quality wallpaper paste can come pre-mixed and we advise using around 1kg of paste per roll of wallpaper. Try to avoid getting paste onto the printed side of the wallpaper. If this does happen, gently wipe the paste off with a clean dry sponge whilst it is still wet. Do not use soap or cleaning liquids of any kind. 

Wallpaper Application 

It is important to only ever open one roll of wallpaper at a time. 

Cut your lengths allowing for pattern matching and for final trimming and always ensure that the pattern is the right way up. We strongly advise using the images on our website as a reference for correct orientation. Using a roller, apply plenty of paste to the wall, slightly wider than the drop/strip that you are about to hang. Pay close attention to the top and bottom. We strongly advise using a plumb line when hanging the first length and then smooth the wallpaper to the wall using a paper hangers brush from the centre of the paper out to the edges, making sure there are no air bubbles. Repeat this process for subsequent rolls, butting the edges together and paying close attention to the pattern match. After hanging a minimum of 4 lengths, inspect your results to ensure that there are no errors or faults present. If any issues in the print or colour are detected at this point, please contact us before continuing. When finished trim any excess from the top and bottom with a new, sharp, Stanley blade. 

Good ventilation and an even room temperature will greatly assist in improving the wallpapers drying time and quality. 

Wallpaper Aftercare 

Never use generic household cleaning products on our wallpaper. Never scrub our wallpaper. If dirt or debris is present on the wallpaper, dab the area with moist sponge. 

Additional notes 

This information is given in good faith and we cannot accept returns nor liability for wallpaper hung in means that are not stated within this document. We will not reimburse the time or value of contracted professionals such as decorators as the quality and skill of such workers are beyond our control. 

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