Professional Photography – Gain Valuable Work Experience with Camera, Lighting and Studio Set Up.

We are seeking a creative, ambitious and highly motivated photographer looking for professional experience to create, or expand on, their portfolio.


Are you a photographer just starting out and looking to create a dynamic professional portfolio?  At Gillian Arnold, you will have access to professional industry standard equipment, professional lighting and strobe lighting, interior sets and software. You will be able to experiment with a range of photography styles from shooting full interior sets to gifts and jewellery.

Our design range is striking to look at with an unrivaled colour palate and eclectic range of bold tropical botanical and botanical inspired designs. This collection of work will truly standout any portfolio.

What you will gain –

Professional work experience with a design company to create a full portfolio of images to be used across a range of online platforms from retail to blogs and even press.

You will have full access to the photography, for use in your portfolio, cv and as a reference for the standard and calibre of your work along with an official accreditation on our website and link to your website. Your work will be seen by thousands of people.

 What we will gain –

A refreshed collection of photography for our many product lines which we will use throughout all our online media and sales.

If you are interested please get in touch with Rab Moghal:
0800 625 0625


Gillian Arnold – Work Experience – immediate start

We are seeking people with a passion for product design who want to learn more about what goes into the actual producing of home wares, soft furnishings and jewellery. We will guide you through making some of our products that will then go on to be sold in UK retailers throughout the country.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is going into a design led business in the future, you will gain practical hands on experience from a team of artists and designers as well as gaining excellent work experience that will look fantastic on your CV.

If you are interested in either our apprenticeship or internship this would also be a great place to get started, getting to grips with what we do.