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Welcome to Gillian Arnold’s Training and Master Classes

Gillian Arnold Bespoke Design Floor Lamp Course


Pay in 3 interest-free payments of £40

Create Your Own Lampshade: Exclusive Workshops with Gillian Arnold in Bishop Auckland


Pay in 3 interest-free payments of £31.67

Gillian Arnold Bespoke Design Dome Lampshade Course


Pay in 3 interest-free payments of £83.33

Gillian Arnold Bespoke Design 3 in 1 Lampshade Course


Pay in 3 interest-free payments of £155.00

Gillian Arnold Lamp Shade Course | Online Lampshade Tutorial | DIY Workshop | Craft Kit |


Pay in 3 interest-free payments of £25.00


You will be glad to hear that to join one of Gillian Arnolds Courses or Masterclasses you DO NOT need any prior experience in the industry. All of Gillian’s Courses and Masterclasses are designed to cater for you as an individual!

  • We cater for everyone who joins us from single individuals, friends, family, parties wanting to experience some fun, creative time together, learning a new skill and of course creating their very own Gillian Arnold Lamp Shade much much more…


This is not just learning a skill for life, it’s the Gillian Arnold experience!

  • If you are looking to build a profitable business and provide high end products to your customers using Gillian’s unique methods. This is a fantastic way to build on your skills as you work your way through the Gillian Arnold Courses or Masterclasses building your design portfolio and skill set.


Gillian Arnold has been in the industry for over 25 years building and designing this unique method of design and print. You can spot a Gillian Arnold product from across the room EVERYTHING is finished to the highest standard with that unique handmade finish.

Gillian is firstly a creative talented artist who knows her stuff when it comes to making your home or any interior beautiful. She is also a successful businesswoman, with over 10 years’ experience in leading her team and growing her business making it what it is today.

It is Gillian Arnold’s passion to share her extensive knowledge and artist talents with you. She runs regular Workshops and Masterclasses from her Darlington Store where you will be able to see, feel and enjoy the environment Gillian’s products create.

What to Expect:

Firstly, we will provide everything you’ll need to complete your training.


Arrival time: 5:30pm – 8pm


Workshop Duration: 2hrs 30mins


Arrival: Meet & greet Gillian, her team and your fellow students with a brief Icebreaker

Getting Started: Gillian or a member of her team will take you through the Theory behind Gillian’s Unique Method.

Make Your Own Gillian Arnold Product: Once you feel confident you will get stuck into making your very own Gillian Arnold Product to take home. Learning how to create and finish your product to the Gillian Arnold standard.

Achievement Ceremony: You will then be awarded your Gillian Arnold Completion Diploma.

Throughout the workshops or Masterclasses, we do provide Refreshments, Nibbles and of course a bottle of Prosecco if you choose to celebrate with a few bubbles.


 Course Dates

Please note we have limited spaces available to secure your course date today all we require is your 25% Deposit – All deposits are non-refundable

Floor Lamp Course   

Tuesday 13th September 2022  

Tuesday 11th October 2022  

Tuesday 8th November 2022  

Tuesday 13th December 2022  


Drum Lampshade Course 

Tuesday 2nd August 2022  

Tuesday 6th September 2022 

Tuesday 4th October 2022  

Tuesday 1st November 2022  

Tuesday 6th December 2022  

Dome Lampshade Course 

Tuesday 19th July 2022  

Tuesday 20th September 2022  

Tuesday 18th October 2022  

Tuesday 15th November 2022  

Tuesday 20th November 2022  

3 in 1 day Lampshade Course  

Monday 25th July 2022  

Monday 29th August 2022  

Monday 26th September 2022 

Monday 31st October 2022 

Monday 28th November 2022  

Monday 26th December 2022   

To find out more about any further date or Gillian’s Intensive Masterclass Please Call Us on 08006250625 or Email us: enquiries@gillianarnold.com