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Botanical Lights of Post House Wynd


Exciting things are happening at Gillian Arnold! With the celebration of Chinese New Year this week, Gillian Arnold was offered the wonderful opportunity of taking part in the ‘Darlington Lights’ display. with our own: ‘The Botanical Lights of Post House Wynd’.

Along with a few other Darlington based businesses and Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, Gillian Arnold was invited to collaborate with Darlington Borough Council to light up the local area in time for Chinese New Year.

Spectacular neon light art and handmade traditional lanterns were a few of the ways that others helped to bring light and love to hidden corners of Darlington town centre. As lanterns are displayed during this time to symbolise a momentous joyful occasion we decided we needed to go bigger…

It was our task to bring Chinese New Year splendour to the little street we reside on, our historical Post House Wynd. So to do so, we went for huge: Jumbo actually. We produced twenty-four big and beautiful shades in various Gillian Arnold designs to decorate our street. Jumbo is a size rarely selected but to make our art visible from down below we utilised their size.

Now they are up and looking fabulous! Having my flowers pressed, printed and then displayed for public enjoyment has been an amazing experience for me and I’ve loved the response so far on social media. I hope they bring joy to many who come to view them and visit the famous market. We are thrilled to have been part of this and look forward to future collaborative projects. It is great to see my work take on new dimensions and impact our wee street.

If you happen to visit, please tag us in the photo as we appreciate and prize your feedback.