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Hello you lovely people!

One of our favourite moments at Gillian Arnold has been putting into place the botanical alphabet, used on many products now to customise and personalise an item and make it special.

Keep reading to find out about our alphabet!


One of the most exciting projects that we have done at Gillian Arnold is a full range of personalised products. It all started with creating an alphabet made exclusively from the wild plants used in the botanical art work.

The alphabet took months to complete, with so many plants involved it has been an incredible challenge to create something so huge. We are absolutely in love with the results and the feedback we’ve had. Comprising hundreds of individual hand pressed wild plants and flowers, we are now able to create personal loving gifts and mementos to suit anyone.


Cushions make for fabulous gifts and are the go to item for sprucing up old furniture. Where colour can be sometimes hard to match and designs can be complicated, you can always find a beautiful solution in adding a personal touch to your home and gifts. Spelling any word that suits your style or simply creating memento of a loved one is now easy, stylish and botanical.

The Stacking Mugs

Selling our stacking mugs in sets of four, words like home and love really come to life in my exclusive botanical lettering. What is fantastic however, is with two sides to personalise you can let your imagination run wild and create initials spelling words, anagrams, family names, absolutely anything is possible. Personalising an item that is used every day is a lovely way to really put your mark on what matters most.

Wash Bags, Coin Purses and Passport Holders

We often don’t pay too much attention to the things we use every day, or the little items we purchase before we travel. These are things that we carry about with us, use and grow sentimentally attached too. So why shouldn’t they say something about you, who you are and the designs you love.

Art Prints

I picture this above a baby’s cot, bringing nature and love into their life as they learn who they are, what their name is and the beauty of nature. A design that is both charming and beautiful can be carried from nursery, to the bedroom and even into the university dorms. This wondrous sentimental gift will suit anyone, and if there are no babies in your life, you can simply christen the home with a memento.

Kids Wear

Here is my beautiful daughter Evoline modelling a range of pyjamas and aprons. The little things we do when we’re kids can often be hard to remember. The moments and the sentiments we share are never lost, but having a reminder of all those cupcakes you cooked together or the crafts you used to do in your very own pj’s can help bring all those lovely memories back.

We hope you love these products as much as we do!

Thanks for reading.