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Meet the Gillian Arnold apprentices!

I believe that giving opportunities to young people in the community is essential to any thriving business.  Being a business based in the Northeast of England means that we can provide creative opportunities for local people, in times when such opportunities can be hard to come by.

With it being Apprenticeship week I wanted to make a post celebrating these individuals. I choose to include several apprentices on my Gillian Arnold team. With opportunities in production, admin, social media, and warehousing. The apprentices at Gillian Arnold came here to grow and we intend to grow with them.

With that said, I would like to let my team speak for themselves. Sharing with you the wonderful members of our cohort, learning and working in the G A team:

Hi, I’m Nina! I’m 16 years old and I’m a junior Content Producer with Gillian Arnold. My job includes preparing social media posts, constructing the newsletter, and writing descriptions for Gillian’s many beautiful products. My favourite thing about working at Gillian Arnold is how inspiring it is, watching the way Gillian works and seeing all the artwork. It always fills me with inspiration and creative zeal.  While not at work I love to Cosplay, becoming another person entirely when I get into costume!

Hi, my name is Carla! I’m 17 years old and I am completing a Production and Manufacturing apprenticeship with Gillian Arnold. My job includes making all these botanical designs into products used in the real world. Through making so many vibrant floor lamps and lampshades my job is probably the most colourful. My favourite part about working here is that the people are all so nice, they make any day amazing. When not creating products, I love to dance and have a game of football from time to time.

 Hello, my name is Aaron and I’m 24 years old. I’m the despatch apprentice here at Gillian Arnold. My job includes making sure orders are shipped out as quickly as possible, making sure we have enough stock to make everything and pairing up orders. My favourite thing about Gillian Arnold is my colleagues, they are all so friendly and we can always have a laugh. When outside of work I really enjoy watching movies, my favourite one is Too Fast, Too Furious.