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Natural, Country style Interiors that match with our products

Our products at Gillian Arnold are designed with you in mind so whether you are into bold colours or country, we have products that will boost your home with botanical inspiration to bring the outdoors, in.

Our natural style collection of products is by far one of the prettiest, we think. The ‘Green Landscape’ design looks enchanting in any living room or bedroom. We love it in the living room because it comes close to nature and looking outside. This design can bring a pop of green to any simplistic setting. We love this design especially on lamps and cushions.

The ‘Bridal Bouquet’ adds a subtle hint of pink to a natural print, perfect for those who enjoy floral, delightful designs. This stunning design adds a touch of glamour to the natural beauty. It’s no wonder this is called ‘Bridal Bouquet’ as women tend to love this so much. We think it adds the perfect feminine touch to any home.

The ‘Mother’s Silver Bouquet’ design still has that glamorous feel, however it is much more fitting to any colour or room. We love this in a living-room, adding that pop of elegance and class.

Our mood boards have been designed to support different interior styles, so you can view which products match up best to your style and home.

Every design and product you see in our mood boards are available to order now on the website. See any other design you want to custom create on a product? Email us to see what we can do: