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Botanical Inspired Floral Dance Aluminium Cuff, Stylish Handmade Jewellery


My cuff bracelets are uniquely designed to ensure your wrist will look fabulous all year round. Inspired by the nature around me, I handpicked British wildflowers to create my botanical Floral Dance design. My aluminium cuffs are printed with my design, then shaped into an anticlastic form by hand.

Feel like the flowers are gracefully dancing on your wrist, with sophisticated hues of blood red, deep purples and crisp golds intertwining as they go. Inspired by nature around me and handpicked British wildflowers, this Floral Dance cuff bracelet will make a stunning statement piece or a fabulous gift. The designs of all my cuff bracelets are sturdy, waterproof and scratch resistant. The aluminium band measures 16cm x 4cm before hammering, and is 7cm diameter once finished.

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Dimensions 16 × 7 × 4 cm