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Discover Gillian Arnold – Botanical Britain’s Premier Designer

Discover Gillian Arnold – Botanical Britain’s Premier Designer

Established in 2011, Gillian Arnold has become a household name in the world of botanical design. Introducing Gillian Arnold, the mastermind behind the botanical designer brand that brings the beauty of Britain’s wild plants to life. Gillian’s unique approach to artistry is embodied in her botanical masterpieces, crafted from hand-picked plants and enriched with vibrant pigments to create exotic, multi-layered designs.

Elevate Your Home with Gillian Arnold

Transform your space with the stunning creations of Gillian Arnold. From homewares and gifts, to art prints and jewelry, each piece is expertly crafted using a combination of traditional techniques and cutting-edge production processes. Our manufacturing facility in the north-east of England is dedicated to delivering only the finest quality products to our loyal customers, both in-store and worldwide.

Bring the exotic beauty of Botanical Britain into your life with Gillian Arnold – Picked, Pressed, Printed. Experience the quality and expertise of a brand that has been established for over a decade.