Beautiful Botanical Kitchen Accessories

Shop through our stunning selection of kitchen accessories ranging from beautiful aprons to delightful chopping boards. Featuring some of the finest flowers handpicked from across the British Isles, our selection are the perfect country kitchen accessories, or you can use our accessories to transform your kitchen into a tropical paradise.

Each order is handmade in the UK just for you and come with free UK delivery as standard. Our products are made with high quality materials, where possible sourced in the UK,  to ensure you can use them as functional items without having to worry about damaging them. All of Gillian Arnold’s products are both beautiful and functional.

If you are looking to expand on your kitchen Décor, you can also choose from our unique ceramic stacking mugs and our beautiful glass coaster sets. Each design will have it’s own matching product range or you can choose to have similar complimentary sets.

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