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Galene’s Whisper | Dark Print Lampshade | Ambient Mood Light


Interior lampshade.

Available in 7 sizes.

Available in 2 orientations.

This is a made to order product.

Shade in photo is size Small with 20cm diameter

‘Galene’s Whisper’ is a piece inspired in name and in design by the Greek goddess of calm seas, Galene. The focus of this piece was all about balance and tranquillity for me, so I assembled foliage that echoed the movement of feathers. Fanning out to frame the amber, pink and teal florals that embellish the body of the design. The silhouette of seed pods breaks up the colourful display like punctuation in a poem. Galene was a minor goddess in Greek mythology, but here her subtlety, her whisper, can really shine.

Small 20cm wide by 24cm tall.
Medium 30cm wide by 24cm tall.
Large 45cm wide by 24cm tall.
Extra Large 70cm wide by 30cm tall.

Grande 40cm wide by 30cm tall.
Jumbo 45cm wide by 55cm tall.
Lantern 20cm wide by 55cm tall.

Printed design is 100% polyester duchess satin backed on PVC.
Features a removable lampshade adaptor for B22 or E27 light fittings.

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