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Warm Interiors and how our products match this style

Our products at Gillian Arnold are designed with you in mind so whether you are into monochrome or warm tones, we have products that will boost your home with botanical inspiration to bring the outdoors, in.

Here at Gillian Arnold, we love the autumnal vibes (kicking crisp leaves around) and the warm tones in a home. We have many designs that will fulfil your cosy needs. The ‘Strawberry Fern’ design is definitely a favourite of ours, as the bright fuchsia and the mint green colours look beautiful against any old sofa.

Don’t change the sofa, change the cushions.

Our autumnal loving is shown clearly on our ‘Autumn Flurry’ design, which we think looks best as a wallpaper – drawing the attention of your visitors straight to the wall. It truly is magnificent.

If you love the deeper tones, ‘Tropical Wine’ will most likely be your kind of thing. As seen in the mood board, it looks beautiful against light features, so it really comes to life. We love this rich pattern and all of our customers which have bought this pattern, love it too.

The warm doesn’t stop there. If you really want that cosy ambient, the ‘Summer Tropics’ in our floor lamp is just outstanding. The beautiful yellow colourful design instantly boosts your mood! Through day or night, you would not regret putting this design into your home.

We also have the ‘Tropical Dusk’ design which is for people who like the warm tones, but may want a more muted pattern to put into their home. The brown tones and mixture of warm colours that run through the floral design, add a touch of natural warmth to any room in the house. Making sure to create a cosy, inviting vibe.

Our mood boards have been designed to support different interior styles, so you can view which products match up best to your style and home.

Every design and product you see in our mood boards are available to order now on the website. See any other design you want to custom create on a product? Email us to see what we can do: