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Hey guys!

So it’s no secret that we love a good trade show and for several years now we have got involved in the Home and Gift Buyers Fair in Harrogate.

We thought it would be a lovely idea to put together a collection of memories from our previous and current trade shows, for you to enjoy (and for us too).

We love to share with you how far we’ve come as a brand and how much stronger we are getting day by day, so by doing these trade shows, people get to see our growth and compassion to carry on doing what we love.



















This year we were exhibiting a selection of new designs and home ware to showcase. The new theme was ‘Underwater’, alongside our other beautiful designs which are so popular to buyers.

This year, our floor lamps took centre stage as people fell in love with them. There is no wonder why people enjoy these as much as we do. Their unique style and shape bring the patterns to life, with light filling the botanical designs with life and realism.































































Thanks for reading!