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Modern Minimalist Interiors and which of our products match the trend 

Our products at Gillian Arnold are designed with you in mind so whether you are into the modern way of life, or simply classic  – we have products that will boost your home with botanical inspiration to bring the outdoors, in.

The Modern minimalist interior style mainly contains a lot of white, grey and textures. A splash of pattern is sometimes missing from a modern interior nowadays so here are some of our styles that would boost your minimalist home into a world of natural beauty. Our range of cushions, lampshades and floor lamps can fill your room with enchantment and unique creativity.

To comply with this theme, some of our designs suit this trend perfectly! We think the best to match the modern minimalist interior is the ‘Winter Flourish‘, the muted white and lilac tones sit pretty against any white or grey colour. This is by far the one that accentuates the modern feel as there is not much colour, but stunning with a fresh leaves and an endearing design. The picture we used of the grey sofa matches to this trend and we just think the ‘Winter Flourish‘ cushions would look beautiful!

Another modern design is the ‘Hothouse Fronds‘, a bright white and lilac which would look a staple piece in the home of a modern family. The purple flower effect and patterns that run through the design give a feminine and elegant touch to any bedroom or living-space.

The ‘Frairy Meadow‘ design incorporates all the tones you would expect to see in a modern white and grey styled home. The beautiful grey, blue, white and purple colours merge together with the floral design to create a unique pattern. We love this especially on a floor lamp!

If you like an edge to your modern feel, we have the bespoke ‘Spring Spectre‘ design which runs black and white. This is a very popular choice for the modern home and we also think this looks it’s best as a floor lamp. The glow at night in the living-room is just beautiful.

Our mood boards have been designed to support different interior styles, so you can view which products match up best to your style and home.

Every design and product you see in our mood boards are available to order now on the website. See any other design you want to custom create on a product? Email us to see what we can do:


Thanks for reading!