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Try your hand at a whole host of Workshops. Learning the process from yours truly, a professional artist with over 10 years’ experience in lampshade making and a lifetimes experience in pattern design. As well as lampshades, cushions, and mugs, I have started a range of new creative workshops.

Introducing traditional crafts such as Kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending seams of broken pottery with an opulent gold paste. I am also expanding my existing Print Your own Design workshop to include tote bags as well as cushions, so now you can wear your beautiful art out and about.

In light of the ever-present climate crisis, I have also launched the innovative workshop, the Pleated lampshade experience. As with all our lampshade workshops, the resources used are recycled materials otherwise unused. These new pleated designs allow us to use up smaller sections of pvc than usual. You create a beautiful bespoke shade, while being sustainable.

It’s this kind of harmony I want to establish with my art. I believe it is important for all workshops to be as environmentally conscious as possible. With nature as my inspiration, it is paramount that my business does its part in protecting it.

I’ve truly loved doing all these workshops over the past few months. Encouraging others to become creative in a new skill is a joy that 10 years’ experience can afford me. I hope to see more and more new faces as I host workshops at both my Darlington and Bishop Auckland Shops.

Please go to GillianArnold.com to book yourself tickets!