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Aqua Magna | Colourful Design Set of Glass Coasters


2019 Design Collection

Set of 4 glass coasters

Available in 1 size.

This is a made to order product.

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A beautiful collection of 4 glass coasters in our exciting Aqua Magna Design featuring bright pops of green, orange and pink. Our sets of 4 glass coasters create a unique art piece allowing them to be laid out on display on your dining or coffee table, instead of hidden away in a cupboard. Each coaster set also has a matching set of 4 stacking glass coasters which make a very unique gift set which display together perfectly.


Each coaster is 10cm by 10cm
Coasters have 4 rubber feet to prevent scratching of surfaces.
Made from a toughened shatter proof glass.

About the Aqua Magna Design

Creating a serene underwater landscape of luminous colours and intriguing shapes, Aqua Magna, meaning big water, draws heavy inspiration from the natural flowing shapes and colours of the sea. Many of the designs in this collection praise their pressed florals in microscopic detail offering a truly unique composition to celebrate the beauty of water, and the often-hidden world it covers below.

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.5 cm