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Bishop Auckland On The Map A3 Art Print


High quality A3 print of Gillian Arnold’s Bishop Auckland based project On The Map. Printed on 120 gsm smooth matt paper and shipped on a backed cardboard envelope.

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The map project’s core objective is to highlight the beauty of the town including Bishop Auckland’s rich historical past, its very exciting present and even looking forward into a bright future. Gillian has been leading workshops involving people from all parts of the community and many schools, creating individual drawings of buildings, cultural landmarks, people, items and objects to bring Bishop Auckland to life in a new and artistic way. The greatest part about the map, is the people who are making it, this is a map for the community and town that has been made by hundreds of people living within its borders.

Nearly all the individual drawings have been based on Gillian’s own photography, after spending several days photographing every building and cultural landmark in the town. Taking all the hand drawn elements and composing them into a map to represent the entire town is a huge task. Gillian and her team have been working around the clock scanning, scaling, sizing and loving the hundreds of drawings that have been made so far. We have also had no shortage of people willing to donate their time to help us along, which has been fantastic to see.

“At first the map was largely about tackling aspects of negativity in the public’s opinion about all of the changes that have happened in Bishop Auckland. Now that the project is underway, after working with so many amazing people and seeing how many people have reached out to be involved, I can see this map is more about reinforcing the positivity, because there really is so much of it out there.”


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