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Exotic Parrot | Red & Blue Sofa Cushion Tropical Interior


This gorgeous sofa cushion features a vibrant parrot perched on a tropical plant. The design was produced by UK artist, Gillian Arnold using British flowers re-imagined as a luscious jungle to create the background. The macaw himself is wonderfully detailed and his bright plumage truly stands out against the darker background. You can almost imagine your sofa being a tropical paradise with this handsome chap, though he's thankfully much quieter than most so you can relax in peace.

Along with the rest of the exotic animal collection, this design was inspired when Gillian took her children to the zoo. Each member of her family chose their favourite animal which Gillian then used to make a gorgeous pattern. The macaw was her own choice, as it's bright feathers matched her personal love of colour, plus they love talking almost as much as she does!

Our 70cm floor cushions & 45cm sofa cushions come with a duck feather filled pad, and our 45cm outdoor cushions have a hollowfibre pad.


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