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Love Bulb | Vintage Glass Light


Adds a romantic ambience to any Date Night. Make the Valentines day magic last.

Height 170mm x Diameter 125mm

Love Bulb | Vintage Glass Light

The Love Bulb, a unique way to show your affectionate side through your decor. With a vintage glass feel that echoes traditional light fittings. Illuminating in a rosy affectionate glow, the four letter word that keeps the world spinning: Love. This bulb is perfect all year round, illuminating your home with a warm, golden hue. Perfect for those in-love and those with a lot of love to give. Valentines day magic kept alive all year round. 
Light up your life with this romantic light bulb. Get that rustic feel from displaying this bulb naked hanging by the wire. Alternatively, combine with a lampstand that displays the writing legibly.

About the bulb

MINISUN vintage worded love bulb
Dimensions: Height 170mm x Diameter 125mm
Colour: Clear,Silver
Material: Glass
Finish: Transparent
Max. Wattage: 2


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