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MiniSun | Cool White | 10w | E27 | LED Bulb


Warm white energy saving lightbulb

Perfect for adding a bright glow to your Gillian Arnold floor lamp, lampshades, or marble base lampstand, illuminating the colours of the original design.

Height 124mm x Diameter 70mm.


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 A Cool White Bulb with energy saving enhancements. This bulb will provide a lunar glow to any light fixture. When paired with the elegant botanical shades offered at Gillian Arnold. The floral artwork becomes illuminated in a gentle icy atmosphere. Best paired with monochrome designs and blue toned aquatic lampshades. 
This bulb is energy saving, withholding Gillian Arnold's respect for nature. Its efficiency and brightness is of the highest standard. It's crisp white light offers a silvery illumination to any interior.

Compatibility with other products

This lightbulb is compatible with other lighting-based Gillian Arnold products, such as floor lamps, lampshades in table or pendant style, and some lamp stands such as the marble arch design.  The bulb's cool colour scheme will provide a refreshing glow to your room and a dazzling illumination to your chosen design colour.

This bulb is not compatible with the pineaple lampstand

About the Lightbulb

  • High quality 10w ES E27 LED GLS Bulb- uses the latest LED lighting technology
  • Ultra energy saving- 90% less energy used than standard bulbs
  • Height 124mm x Diameter 70mm
  • 800 Lumens. 20,000 Hour Bulb Life
  • Non-dimmable

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12.4 × 7 × 7 cm


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