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Tropical Toucan | Blue & Yellow Sofa Cushion Tropical Interior


Interior sofa cushion.

Available in 2 sizes.

Outdoor cushion

Available in 1 size.

Comes complete with cushion inner.

This is a made to order product.

Taking centre stage on this sofa cushion, the colourful toucan looks majestic perched on a branch in a tropical background. The gorgeous flowers that form the background were handpicked by Gillian in locations across the North of England before being transformed into a tropical jungle. The beautifully detailed toucan is showing off her most notable feature, the colourful beak, in a portrait style. With this on your sofa, you could easily believe you were tucked away in a jungle escape.

Along with the rest of the exotic animal collection, this design was inspired when Gillian took her children to the zoo. Each member of her family chose their favourite animal which Gillian then used to make a gorgeous pattern. Gillian's eldest daughter chose the toucan as she loved the comically large beak as well as the fruit based diet which she enjoys too.

Outdoor Cushion: 45cm by 45cm (Canvas Cover, hollowfibre pad)
Sofa Cushion: 45cm by 45cm (Velvet Cover, duck feather pad)
Large Cushion: 70cm by 70cm (Velvet Cover, duck feather pad)

Cushion Cover is 100% Polyester
40 degree wash, do not iron or tumble dry.


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