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Gillian Arnold Lamp Shade Course | Online Lampshade Tutorial | DIY Workshop | Craft Kit |


Join Gillian on her online lampshade making course where she will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to make your perfect Gillian Arnold lampshade, from the lampshade kit that will be sent to you, including the panel of Gillian Arnold lampshade fabric.

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Gillian Arnold Online Lampshade Making Course

This lampshade making course pack will provide you with all the materials, and knowledge you need to produce your own Gillian Arnold lampshade, using the exclusive methods used by Gillian and her team for producing their lampshades. You can select from a large selection of Gillian Arnold's designs, and in three standard lampshade sizes. At the end of the course, not only will you have a striking statement interior lampshade that you say "I made this", but you will have the know-how to continue making more lampshades for yourelf, friends and family, or maybe even to start a new career.

It really is that simple! And such great fun.

What does the course cover?

You will be producing a high quality, professionally finished Gillian Arnold lampshade from start to finish, along with the knowledge and ability to make your own lampshades at home.

What’s included?

In your Gillian Arnold lampshade kit, you will recieve all the materials needed for producing you own Gillian Arnold lampshade, including the printed fabric panel in the design of your choice. You will need to provide a sharp pair of scissors, and have a good sized, clean, work surface/table to work on.

Course Times

In you kit there will be a link to the online video tutorial. This is a pre-recorded video of Gillian Arnold guiding you, step by step, through each stage of making your lampshade. You can view the video at your leisure, as well as pause and rewind sections to ensure you are confident with each stage of the process.

Additional information

Choose Inner Design

No Fabric, 1 – Strawberry Fern, 4 – Fern Cluster Green, 11 – Blue Landscape, 14 – Alliums, 24 – Tropical Sunshine, 28 – Midnight Jungle, 29 – Blue Jungle, 33 – Branching Astrantia, 41 – Purple Whisper, 43 – Midnight Bloom, 45 – Mother's Pink Bouquet, 47 – Mother's Silver Bouquet, 51 – Floral Dance, 52 – Winter Flourish, 53 – Edwardian Bloom, 54 – Tropical Wine, 55 – Summer Tropics, 56 – Tropical Dusk, 57 – Indigo Tropical, 58 – Autumn Flurry, 59 – Jungle Surprise, 60 – Spring's Spectre, 61 – Blue Wreath, 62 – Bridal Bouquet, 64 – Cascades of Blue, 70 – NTS Pink, 71 – NTS Teal, 72 – NTS Lime, 73 – NTS Silver, 74 – Forage, 76 – Secret Garden, 78 – Aqua Magna, 80 – Meteorite, 81 – Earthern, 82 – Forest, 83 – Felicity, 84 – Neverland, 87 – X-Ray, 103 – Disrupted Symphony, 116 – Galene's Whisper

Lampshade Workshop Sizes

20cm Lampshade, 30cm Lampshade, 45cm Lampshade


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